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addiction recovery services

Recovery is defined as ‘A return to a normal state of health, mind or strength.’  If you or a loved one are finding that addiction is interfering in your life, we have solutions to get you back to a higher form of functioning.

Specializing in Addiction Recovery Coaching for substance use disorders (Alcohol, cannabis, sedatives, opiates, amphetamines, hallucinogens) and process addictions (sex, gambling, technology). 

As pioneers of Recovery Coaching in the Okanagan Valley, our reputation for providing the highest standard of care is reflected in our client results. Designed for high functioning, highly motivated individuals willing to implement action to promote transformation.

By seemlessly blending our solution-focused therapy and high performance coaching, our collaborative approach ensures you receive the necessary support needed to achieve results. 

What is a recovery coach?

Also known as an Addiction Coach or Sobriety Coach, a Recovery Coach is a professionally trained accountability partner  that works to help you explore and improve your relationship to drugs or alcohol. You will explore the reasons why you drink or use substances in the first place, and establish healthier ways to meet your needs and cope with life's stressors.


Coaching is a collaborative process and a sobriety coach plays a huge supportive role in helping you achieve your goals.  In nearly all cases, massive action and transformation are required to maintain sobriety, and it helps to have a coach in your corner for support and accountability.

A sobriety coach is there to serve your needs regardless of where you are at in life or the recovery process. Familiar with the many different pathways to recovery, they guide, support, mentor and instruct you to get the results you want and have the experience and expertise to see you succeed. 

Recovery coaching is an excellent place to triage your needs if you are unsure what level of support or treatment you may need.  If you aren't exactly sure what you may need, that's ok.....see if you can relate to some of the examples I've listed below.

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can you relate?

Sound Familiar?
  • You or a loved one’s substance use is not fitting into your life anymore

  • Succesful and driven but can't seem to quit drinking or using drugs.

  • Feeling like you’re losing control in certain areas of your life

  • Feeling stuck or in limbo. Each passing day feels more unmanageable

  • Partner is threatening to leave if you don’t make changes

  • Work performance is suffering, stress is rising

  • Indefinable fears and anxiety.  Remorse and shame.

  • Nothing really interests you anymore, stopped participating in things you used to love

  • Not living up to your potential or don’t even know what your potential is

  • Lacking connection w/self and others, isolating more

When Considering Treatment Options...
  • Don’t like the labels associated with addiction (alcoholic, addict etc)

  • Value privacy and discretion over public meetings and in-patient treatment centres

  • Work in remote areas with limited support available

  • Schedule requires flexibility and compromise

  • Would like the recovery process to be collaborative

  • Seeking alternatives to 12 step meetings or spiritual approaches

  • Can not leave work or family to attend residential treatment

  • Not interested in complete abstinence at this time

  • Are stagnant in your recovery and looking to take it to the next level

  • Continuously relapse or looking to cut back or get back on track

  • Lost your passion and looking to reignite the fire.

**Please note--You do NOT have to hit rock bottom in order to start making changes in your life.**


The majority of our clients are high functioning adults who haven't lost everything yet. Whether you are just looking to cut back, take a break or maybe you aren't even sure whether you have a problem...there is an option for you.

If you could relate to any of the above, let us help. We're not here to label you, diagnose you, judge you or fix you.  We are instigators of change and will help you get the results you want.

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recovery Services

There are many things in life that you can figure out on your own, recovery isn't one of them. Let's face it, if you could, you would've done it already and you wouldn't be here. Recovery is a very active, hand's on, continuous process and requires massive, determined action. All of our programs are designed to provide direct 1-1 mentorship, support and accountability to help you navigate the journey ahead. Invest in yourself and see what happens. I promise that if you aren’t satisfied with the results, you can always return to the life you have now.

What have you got to lose?

Image by Patrick Hendry

What is recovery capital?

You’ve probably noticed the term mentioned a few times here. We incorporate a Recovery Capital Assessment during the first session for new clients seeking help with substance use. 


Recovery Capital is the internal and external resources utilized in resolving issues on your recovery journey. 


Recovery Capital differs from person to person and can be used to assess and evaluate the problem severity in order to understand the shape, intensity and duration of support needed to achieve recovery. 


This assessment dictates the intensity or level of care needed in terms of professional treatment and recovery support services.

practicing trauma informed care

The underlying cause of nearly all cases of addiction and substance use is trauma. We are sensitive to the fact that the majority of our clients have experienced trauma in some way. This shifts the focus from ‘What’s wrong with you?’ to ‘ What happened to you?’


Understanding safety as both a physical and psychological need



Decisions are conducted with transparency and a focus on building trust

Peer Support

Individuals with lived experience engaging in mutual support fosters safety and hope


Patients as partners,one does not need to be a therapist to be therapeutic


Shared decision-making, choice and goal setting to determine next course of action


Biasis, stereotypes and historical trauma are recognized and addressed


Recovery is within your reach.
It's time for a better version of you.
Make the call and let's get started!

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