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High Performance Coaching

We believe everyone should have a purpose. Something that has them jumping out of bed in the morning feeling inspired and fulfilled.  If that's you, congrats! But you probably don't need to be here.

For the rest of you still searching--Our programs are intended for high functioning, highly motivated individuals willing to invest in their personal growth and well being. Transformation requires determined, massive action and we walk with you every step of the way.

Coaching is an intense, collaborative approach designed to maximize your full potential and help you realize and achieve your vision, goals and dreams.  We specialize in addiction recovery coaching and discovering how to create an incredible life fueled by purpose and passion!

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did you know...?

Studies show that having an accountability partner makes you 65% more likely to meet your goals.

This increases to 95% when you regularly check in with your partner!

*Research by The American Society of Training and Development.

personal development coaching

Our intensive coaching program will provide increased clarity and functioning in  the numerous areas listed below. They are designed with 4 principles in mind:


Know Yourself

Own Your Situation

Hit Your Potential

Function Better


Who is an ideal fit for coaching?

In order to maximize coaching results, building a strong therapeutic relationship based on trust and mutual respect is essential.  This is best achieved if we are on the same page right from the start. We will work great together and you will get results rapidly if:

You are a high functioning and highly motivated individual committed to change and willing to invest in your personal growth and well being.

You want direct, 1-1 attention and support with maximum accountability

You are 100% open to the process and willing  to do whatever it takes

You are teachable, open to feedback, willing to incorporate new ideas and tools to promote growth.

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coaching investment

what you need to know:

Coaching requires focus, commitment and massive action.


Ask yourself: What brought you here?  

Then ask yourself: What will happen if things don’t change?


If you’re here to test the waters by dipping one toe in at a time, our coaching program isn’t for you. 




If you want the results you’re looking for, you need to jump in with both feet!


We offer a single investment option. It is a four figure investment and a minimum 3 month commitment.


With sporadic, one-off sessions, it is nearly impossible to attain the proper mindset required to achieve and maintain results.

We’re not here to sell you ‘sessions’.  We offer a program designed to transform your life!



What Happens if Things Don't Change?

peak performance package

12 Weeks x 12 Collabs

'90 Days To Get Your Shit Together'


90 Minute Initial Mental Health Intake Assessment
12 Intensive, 1 Hour Weekly In-Person/Online  Collaboration Opportunities
Clear Outline of Goals and Action Steps to Achieve Them
Daily routine/structure planning sessions and review
Weekly assignments and homework with follow-up accountability
Monthly review and personal inventory
Railway Tracks

is coaching covered by insurance?

We do not work with insurance providers for coaching services. The lowest success rates have come from clients seeking reimbursement for their program. Here’s why:


Think of it like playing poker without real money. Sure, you can play the game and have some fun. But it’s risk free with no real stakes involved.  There are no consequences for losing and there is no real incentive for winning.


If coverage is your only option, we invite you to look into our solution-focused counselling where services MAY be reimbursable depending on your insurance provider and plan coverage.

" I was amazed at how quickly I saw results just by changing my mindset and taking action."

Danielle s.

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