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Negative Thoughts

Who told you that you were wrong, bad, or unworthy? Did they also tell you that you are incapable and inadequate? Do you still let them tell you this --- years later?

When the room is quiet, whose voice do you hear? What is that voice telling you? Is the voice sabotaging your joy and happiness? Does the voice put you down and degrade you? Does this voice steal your inner love and self-acceptance?

For years I allowed the negative voice inside my head to hold me back. This voice was coming from a chapter of my life that was many years ago. Although this chapter was from my distant past, it had control of my present world. It controlled my confidence, my happiness, and my self-love. I had become so accustomed to living with the pain of the past that I became complacent of the negative impacts it was imposing on my life.

It can be hard to let go of and silence the voices from the past and let me tell you, it doesn’t happen overnight. Changing maladaptive ways doesn't just happen by snapping your fingers. There's no magic button you can push that will instantly transform these negative thought processes. Change happens little by little. Day by day. Hour by hour. But once you begin this journey --- once you release the grasp of these old messages and remove the thorns --- your mind, body, and spirit become clear and free.

Throwing away old messages and silencing the bully inside my head was one of the best things I've ever done. I've now discovered my passions and harnessed my confidence in a way that has pushed me to achieve long term goals. I've learned self-acceptance, self-love, and self-worth. Getting out of my own damn way changed my world, internally and externally.

It's time to become the person you were meant to be. But to do this… you need to let go of the person you once were. It's time to silence those voices and let go of those old messages and lies that you were told about yourself.

If you struggle with negative thought patterns, are stuck on repeat with self-doubt, or are constantly reliving old messages that someone once told you, then it's time to flip the script, remove the thorns, and take your power back. Its time to get out of your own damn way!

When we work together you can expect to be challenged, motivated, and empowered. I will walk alongside you through this journey and equip you with tools that you can carry with you into the future. I want to help you learn how to quiet the negative voice, change your maladaptive ways, and see your true worth.

Now, are you ready to remove the thorns that are keeping you from being the best version of yourself?

Amanda Gunn


About the Author: Amanda spends the majority of her free time catering to the needs of her cat. She loves plants, cooking and is very capable with a flyrod. On her days off you'll find her out in the woods with her partner camping and fishing at local lakes.

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