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Updated: Jul 21, 2023

For a very long time, I was my own worst enemy. During my active addiction, it led me to despise every single thing about myself.

You may have heard the phrase, ‘nobody hates an addict more than they hate themselves’. That was me.

Laughing on the outside, full of fear, guilt and shame on the inside. I internalized the dialogue I had often heard: you’re worthless, you had such potential, what a waste.

Even on my journey of recovery, it took a long time before I started changing (and believing) the narrative in my head.

I see it often today with the clients I work with. They know how to be a friend to others, but not to themselves. They would never tell a friend who was sad to ‘suck it up’ or ‘pull yourself together’.

Most of us instinctively know how to look after the people we love and care about, so why is it so difficult to do this for ourselves?

The answer lies in self-acceptance. (Or the lack thereof)

Screwing up is human. You know this, yet you’re probably the last person to show yourself kindness.

The best friend we have is actually inside of us. Our best resource can be us–cheering us along.

You are allowed to be nice to yourself.

Self compassion is the way you relate to yourself in a positive way. The way to do this is by being your own personal cheerleader and best friend.

Showing ourselves compassion allows us to feel safe which makes it possible to make mistakes, pick ourselves up, learn from them and move on.

The next time you’re having a bad day, instead of asking yourself, ‘what is wrong with me?’ ask yourself, ‘what can I do to help’? What would I say to my best friend who is experiencing this’?

You got this!

If you would like help changing your inner dialogue, let’s connect!

Steve Braun

Call or Text: 778.932.1978

About the Author: Steve currently resides in the sunny Okanagan in British Columbia Canada where he spends his free time camping at remote lakes chasing monster rainbow trout with a flyrod.

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