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Self Love

My perspective and experience with self care has changed recently.

Self love is more than positive affirmations or writing gratitude lists. 

It isn’t treating yourself to that glass of wine after a stressful day. 

It’s not picking up some Wendy’s to avoid getting ‘hangry’ because it’s convenient or skipping the gym because you had to work late.

These are better examples of self-numbing and don’t really identify the heart of the matter. 

Exploring the causes and conditions can be much more beneficial.

Maybe your boss pissed you off or you work with morons. If we are unsure how to self-soothe when triggered, we seek out external substances or circumstances to achieve this.

The glass of wine is the easy way out and it’s not changing anything.

Instead of avoiding the stress, dive into it!  

Ask yourself, why is this here? How can I avoid this next time? What would be better for my own self improvement?

Self love isn’t always sexy. It’s harder- way harder. 

So what is self love?  It’s the way you look at yourself, speak to yourself and treat yourself. It’s being kind to yourself but understanding that sometimes we also need tough love. 

It’s having those difficult internal conversations and asking ourselves, ‘What the Hell am I doing?’

So sometimes, self love is going to the gym when you don’t want to or a jog to blow off steam.

Sometimes it’s waking up early to get your routine in so that you can fill your cup for the day. 

Sometimes self love is meditating after a long day or reading before bed instead of scrolling through your phone.

Sometimes it’s having the discipline to say ‘No’ to the ice cream, the glass of wine or going out with your friends.

You don’t need discipline to do easy things.

Self love is having the discipline to do the things that make you better because you DO love yourself and don’t want to put yourself through this shit anymore.

So how do you love yourself more?

Show up for yourself! Keep your cup full–even when it’s hard. 

If you need help identifying areas of stress in your life or an accountability partner to help achieve your goals-let’s connect!

Steve Braun

Call or Text: 778.932.1978

Connect on Social: Facebook       LinkedIn       SteveBraun.Org 

About the Author:  Steve currently resides in the sunny Okanagan in British Columbia Canada where he spends his free time camping at remote lakes chasing monster rainbow trout with a flyrod.

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