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Success and Fulfillment

I have to admit, I sometimes take my life for granted. It can be so easy to get caught up

in the day to day hustle and bustle that I forget to take a step back and just appreciate

what I have. As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in my home office looking out the window as

the bright sun illuminates the entire room. The small tropical plants and myself are

absorbing the energy. A smile comes across my face, and I think to myself: Life is pretty

amazing today!

This thought all came about because of a song that came on in the background. It was

the song ‘Vacation’ by The Dirty Heads which I haven’t heard for a few years. It was the

catchy chorus which caught my attention:

A-a-ay, I’m on vacation

Every single day because I love my occupation

A-a-ay, I’m on vacation

If you don’t like your life, then you should go and change it

About 2 years ago I thought I had achieved everything I wanted and considered myself

successful in that endeavour. My life was great and I was content, but there was

something missing. My life was about stability and routine and there was little

excitement. I wasn’t being challenged anymore at work and I was stuck in a relationship

that was going nowhere. I had achieved success, but that wasn’t enough. I needed more.

I was lacking purpose, lacking my Why, and I had stopped growing.

I am fortunate for the influential people in my life who challenged me to change it. And I

did–Big Time! Today I have found what I was missing. I understand my purpose, my life

has meaning again and I love what I do. Instead of trying to live a life without fear, I have

learned how to embrace it and get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

This had me wondering, how many of you are finding fulfilment in your life? I know many

of you are very successful, but that’s not what I’m referring to here. How many of you get

real pleasure out of your work, your relationships, your day to day life? Do you take pride

in what you do? Are you passionate about it? Are you being of service or contributing

back to your community? What’s your purpose? What inspires you to get out of bed in

the morning and drives you to go kick-ass everyday? Are you continuing to grow and

challenge yourself?

If you have uncertainty about any of the previous questions, let’s connect and I’ll help you

find the answers you may be looking for. I want you to be able to relate to these lyrics

from the song Vacation like I do:

Close my eyes, sometimes can feel as if I float away

I love the life I live and enjoy the ride along the way

‘I make a living out of living’, yeah that’s what I’ll say

I’ve got one life to live, and I wouldn’t live it no other way!

Steve Braun

Call or Text: 778.932.1978

About the Author: Steve currently resides in the sunny Okanagan in British Columbia Canada where he spends his free time camping at remote lakes chasing monster rainbow trout with a flyrod.

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